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Steve Furber Brain

Super ‘Human Like’ Computer

Andrea Macdonald, founder ideaXme Ltd. interviews Stephen Furber, ICL Professor, Computer Engineering at the University of Manchester and Creator of SpiNNaker. SpiNNaker is short for Spiking Neural Network Architecture. It is a super ‘human like’ computer in the planning for 20 years. A neural network computer, the current main focus of which is to advance […]

Ted picture Mindy

Blast off to a better life: Dr. Mindy Howard astronaut trainer explains how!

Andrea Macdonald, founder ideaXme Ltd interviews Dr. Mindy Howard astronaut trainer. Listen to this interview to discover Dr. Mindy Howard’s path to becoming an astronaut trainer. Learn of her current role as astronaut trainer for Blue Abyss and AdvancingX Career Astronauts. Moreover, hear her advice for Yumna Majeed, for B.S (Hons) in Medical Laboratory Technology […]

Using the power of art and science to fight climate change

Using the power of art and science to fight climate change

Using the power of art and science to fight climate change Ben Whitehouse, artist and founder of SkyDay talks of his global mission and citizen art work, launched on 21 September 2017 and installed on the International Space Station in 2018, to tackle climate change. ideaXme asks why and how is he using the power of […]

When an idea becomes a country!

When an idea becomes a country!

Change the culture of governance One year ago ideaXme interviewed Simon Anholt, co-founder the Good Country. Scroll down to click on the interview. A great deal has happened since then! Simon Anholt presents the world with a proposal to redefine governance by creating an invisible nation. Aims of the Good Country “The aim of the […]

What's a thing and why does it need a low cost

What’s a thing and why does it need a low cost, low powered network?

ideaXme talks to Wienke Giezeman, initiator of The Things Network and co-founder of Things Industries. Wienke is a catalyst in The Internet of Things, (IoT) world. He is a creator who is shaping our world. By 2020 Gartner, Inc. a leading research organisation, predicts that over 20 billion things will be connected and more than […]

Quantum Bits

Quantum Bits, Microchips and JK Rowling!

ideaXme recently interviewed Winfried Hensinger, Professor of Quantum Technologies and Head of the Ion Quantum Technology Group Sussex University. Hensinger has created the first practical blueprint for a super quantum computer. We found out how this master plan to construct a large-scale quantum computer has the potential to change our world. As with all ideaXme’s […]

Raising the dead: Regenerating

Raising the dead: Regenerating, reawakening and repairing the human body!

ideaXme interviews Ira Pastor, founder Bioquark,  US based biotech company. Recently, Bioquark, announced its involvement in a ground breaking trial to see if it is possible to regenerate the brains of dead people. ideaXme interviews Ira Pastor, to find out more. Andrea Macdonald: [00:05:40] It’s so lovely to meet you. Who are you? Ira Pastor: […]

The superhumans are coming!

The superhumans are coming!

An audience with a superhuman! On 17 July 2017, I interviewed Liam Malone, Rio Paralympian gold medalist. He was on a lightning visit to London for the World Para-Athletics Championships. Liam participated as a commentator for the event and appeared on Channel 4’s The Last Leg. The pinnacle of Liam’s sporting career as a blade […]

Meet the next star of The Bridge

Meet the next star of The Bridge, the huge Danish tv export shown in over 162 countries!

“Who am I? That’s a very big question. Acting is what I do. It is not who I am. Before acting, I did carpentry. I wanted to find out about it, so I did. It’s the same with acting!” Alexander Behrang Keshtkar, 33 year old Iranian born Danish Citizen has “just been booked” for a […]

ideaXme Logo Cropped

The movie maker and the sculptor

ideaXme interviews Elliot Grove, Founder of the annual Raindance Film Festival (20 September – 1 October 2017, Leicester Square, London), Raindance Film school and the British Independent Film Awards. “Our movies will take you to other cultures. You need to love entertaining movies.” Elliot Grove. Worth a listen if you’re an aspiring movie maker, movie fan […]