We spoke with astronauts, well known artists, scientists, founders of NGO’s and leaders across many categories and asked if they would like to participate in our experiment.

Ninety percent said yes!

So, we began the process of making ideaXme a reality, not just an idea. We started to build a a one stop destination for cross collaboration, sharing and deep meaningful conversations where the public is invited to take part in the process of idea generation and pioneering that shapes our world, affects all of our lives.

ideaXme was launched in August 2017. It solves a problem, the waste of a resource. That resource is information relating to big ideas and the experience and stories of the pioneers, innovators and creators that contribute to human progress. We invite the world to take part

You’ve arrived at ideaXme’s blog. It is an invitation to participate in ideaXme. Whether you are at the top of your profession, a future star or part of the universe of people who love big ideas and great stories you are invited!

We call it “radio ideaXme” as this is the home of the latest information and news about our organisation. You’ll find featured interviews with people who move the human story forward and highlights about our ambassador and mentor programmes. In short, the latest updates about our progress.

So, how do innovators reach out via ideaXme?

Unlike other platforms, creators and pioneers do not just provide an impersonal round up of their careers and ideas, give a speech, contribute to an article and move on. We invite them to stay and interact on a deeper and detailed level with their audience. Reaching out consists of communicating and engaging via ideaXme’s podcast, ambassador and mentor programme. In 2019, these activities will receive more power. We’ll launch www.ideaXme.com.

Our engagement platform will be an opportunity to collaborate and connect to supercharge your impact if you are a pioneer or be part of the process learn how to if you would like to do so. If you want to create, share and find out more about the people and ideas that move us forward register there. You’ll be able to upload your own ideas and communicate with others about your mission to innovate, create and move forward.

We want you to be brave, be bold, generous and move forward.

Our Mission

Our aim to Move the human story forward. It is an audacious objective. It started with the idea that the people who are shaping our world would like to share more, connect more with the world’s people. The objective, to encourage future to take part in the processes that move us all forward and to inform and engage the general public in the processes that are changing all our lives.

What moves the human story forward? A few things come to mind: collaboration, creativity, resilience, bravery, empathy and generosity. Is enough to be great at what we do? What defines us all is the impact our success has on others.

If one moves forward, we all move forward.

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